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Yes/No Coin Divination

Yes/No Coin Divination

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Your Yes/No Coin Divination Pack contains the following items:

A Cased, High-Quality 'Prophecy Coin': You will use this as the basis of your readings.

An Information Manual: Tells you how to use the coin and explains its arcane symbolism.

A Die which you can use to randomise (“leave the Universe to choose…”) statements designed to develop the coin’s answers.

How to Use Your Coin with Tarot: Describes the process of using the Prophecy Coin to complement your tarot readings.

The Prophetic Coin and Card Oracle: How to use a grid layout of numbered cards for more detailed readings. With a Table of Forecasts and a set of cards.

The Prophetic Coin and Die Oracle: Another fascinating way to use dice to provide more detailed readings, with examples.

A Velvet Bag for carrying and protecting your Coin.

Enjoy working with your special coin. But always remember that function of any divination exercise is to help you to explore options and possibilities. You are responsible for your decisions, and ultimately, for your fortune.
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