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Welcome to Magick —  we are not just a major mail order magic dealer… In our Sheffield Studio you’ll find an enormous range of magic on permanent display… For a while.


Those of you who follow our blog (see the Magick Words panel on the right) will know that at the beginning of last year Magick had planned to move.

For most of 2021, as a result of changing situations with developers, etc., we were in a kind of limbo. We’d make offers on other properties, have them accepted, talked to builders about extensions, storage, showrooms and stuff… then plans and dates had to be changed.

To cut a long and frustrating story short, we got tired of the hassle and decided to stay where we are. As our regular visitors will know, we have ongoing development and refurbishment work here — new flooring, windows, display areas, upgraded fixtures and fittings… you’d hardly recognise the place for the refurbished noodle factory that it once was!

At the same time I’ve decided to continue looking to the future and recognising where our strengths lie (I think I’ve found them…) and also acknowledging what interests me personally. So from now on we’re going to concentrate on the Magick Words publishing side of the business, bizarre and story-telling props and effects, and our well-known range of second-hand, out-of-print and rare books.

So that means that we’ll still have a proper bricks-and-mortar magic shop, with our regular Saturday Sessions too.

The Magick Lounge has hosted various events in the past, and we hope to do more of this in the future — magic events, lectures, parlour style shows, and more. Keep an eye on our blog for news.

In the meantime we still need to reduce our stock of general magic and quality ex-display and second-hand items. Julie, June and I have started checking and listing these, but that’s going to take a while (and mean a very long list indeed). So we’ll publish lists of 200-250 items as available. You’ll find links below.

Special Sales List 1

Special Sales List 2

Special Sales List 3

Special Sales List 4

Special Sales List 5

Our latest second-hand book list (September 2022) can be downloaded from this site too. Over two thousand titles always in stock. Please click here or the image below for your download. It’s our biggest books-only list yet… 63 pages!

Our latest second-hand DVD list is now available. Click the image below to view and download the PDF.

Second-Hand DVDs

A Word About Postage

Postage costs are high. We try to be fair about them. We could have added the cost to the price of each item, but this varies depending on where you live.

So for items featured on this site we have two fixed prices for each area: one for standard items and one for heavier ones. BUT if you order more than one item at a time you pay only one postage price. It doesn’t matter how many things you order you only pay for the postage of the heavier item.

If this sounds complicated (it isn’t, although setting it up was!) try adding a few things to your shopping cart and you’ll quickly see how it works. It does mean that we usually lose out on postage, but it seems the fairest way of handling things.