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The Portable Hole by David Roth

The Portable Hole by David Roth

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One of the routines we sold until a few years ago was David Roth's classic Portable Hole, originally released by Magical Moments. Earlier today, in the corner of our main stockroom I came across a small quantity of this excellent effect.

The Portable Hole became known as David Roth's signature routine, and played a major part in building his reputation. He introduced the ingenious concept in the 1970s, and since then there have been many variations in print. David himself considered this to be one of his best routines; he used it to open his act throughout his career.

The routine introduces two impossible objects: a purse without a bag ('purse frame') and a 'portable hole'. The objects themselves pique the audience's curiosity, and they watch in fascination as they are used to create incredible magic... coins repeatedly appear from the purse and disappear into the 'hole' in remarkable ways. Check out the performance video above.

You are supplied with black felt 'hole' a purse frame and a detailed, illustrated 14-page booklet which teaches you the full routine. No need to go online to watch a video! Just follow the step-by-step description, aided by 44 clear drawings covering each stage of the routine. Use any four coins (not included).

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