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Stephen Minch's Mind Melds

Stephen Minch's Mind Melds

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A Precognitive Hexameron

From the Foreword:

"Of the items in this volume, each represents a goal dreamed and finally achieved, each in a creative day. However, such quotidian creation was of biblical span, each day subsuming mortal weeks and months of thought and work. Little came easily; all was worked, re-worked, built up, torn apart and reconstructed until it shammed its original vision as shadows can only mock the forms they envy.

"Pains have been taken to detail each of the shadows to its fullest. There is a reason for such length of description: these dark images wish for fuller life that only performance can provide them. And if they are to be performed it is profoundly wished that they be done with expertise. For that purpose are the fine points limned for the willing student, that he may evolve to the successful performer."

Mindcast -- A Simple and Direct Three-Part Experiment
Étoile D'Éventualité -- Double Card Prediction
Whatever's Right -- Coin in Hand Matching
Coda -- On the Problems of the Negative Outcome in Mentalism
New Wave Precognition -- Musical Prediction
The Rosebud Prophecy -- Torn Newspaper Prediction
Plagiarists -- Three Predictions of Symbols on a Board, Humorous and Clever Presentation

58 pages, 21.5 x 14 cm, spiral bound paperback.
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