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Stanton Carlisle: Mentalism De Luxe

Stanton Carlisle: Mentalism De Luxe

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Eight strong mentalism routines born of long experience, including Stanton's Russian Roulette.

Key Caper, for example, is a completely ungimmicked version of Annemann's 'Seven Keys To Baldpate'. The method is simple and easy, a piece of beautiful clever mentalism.

Music in the Air makes use of a cigarette lighter that plays a tune when lit. I have never seen such lighters. They are probably out of fashion these days. Nevertheless, the effect could very easily be modernized and used together with a ring-tone on a cellphone. The effect is the following. You show a packet of cards, each one has a different song title printed on it. Your spectator selects one of these cards and your lighter will play that song. With the cellphone you can have your spectator call your phone and she will hear the ring-tone which matches her choice. Apparently, this might also be a sneaky way to get his or her phone number.

    ESP-ecially in Colour
    The Key Caper
    Psychometric Divination
    And Through the Door
    Sealed Mysteries
    The Choice is Yours
    Music in the Air
    Russian Roulette

36 pages, wire stitched. Edited and illustrated by Ken de Courcy.
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