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Stanton Carlisle: Master-Mentality

Stanton Carlisle: Master-Mentality

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How to... Find hidden articles... Perform secret tests chosen by your audience. The closest thing to real mind reading!

Master-Mentality is one of the most important books written on the subject of Contact Mind Reading. Stanton Carlisle demonstrates how to perform Contact Mind Reading convincingly and without the difficulties normally associated with this technique. Carlisle shares all his personal secrets, methods, techniques, and insights on how to master the art of Contact Mind Reading! Limited quantities remaining.

From the Introduction:

Many students of Contact and Non-Contact Mind-Reading have been trying for years to emulate the feats of those possessing the real talents and the secrets of these sensational exploits... those who stand alone and without recourse to fraud, trickery, apparatus, gimmicks or pre-arrangement can walk in anywhere and obey mental commands; carry out secret wishes and apparently read minds with astonishing rapidity and accuracy... without themselves being able to achieve this personal success.

This is in part due to preconceived and erroneous notions such as, "It is not possible to learn from books," "This will require lengthy and difficult study," "It is impossible to adequately practice and rehearse this act." At the outset, we categorically state that these beliefs are not valid!

In the pages of this present work the student will be taught all of the so-called inner secrets, and a revolutionary technique so that he or she may earn in public whilst still learning in private! What were previously seen as the obstacles to progress have been successfully overcome and the student will have a yard-stick by which to measure his progress.

With nothing more to buy and no properties to carry.. no assistants you will walk in anywhere that people are foregathered for the purpose of being able to witness awe-inspiring and sensational entertainment and perform the most thrilling stunts ever conceived.

Whether for fun or profit... for Stage, Club, Parlour, Television, Newspaper Office or Party... this is the ONE act that will stand any investigation and it will withstand any challenge! YOU ARE THE ACT!

Foreword by Ken de Courcy
Introduction by The Author
The Amazing Stanton Carlisle by Edwin Hooper
In The Beginning...
New Horizons
The Correct Approach to Mind-Reading
Contact and Non Contact Mind-Reading
Choosing, Controlling and Dismissing Assistants
The 'S. C.' Learning by Performing Methodology
The Inner Secrets of the Art
Personal Publicity
Sensational Presentations
Effective Patter Presentations
The Perpetual Challenge
Winning The Audience
Showmanship and Presentation (incorporating photographs personal stationery, aims, pointing & timing, applause getting, cues and acknowledgement, make-up, dress, lightning, handling audiences, the stage furniture, patter, mood and music, overcoming 'dead spots', close-up presentations, programming and blindfolds).
Other Interesting Books
And In Conclusion...

Hardback with dustjacket, 87 pages with 32 illustrations by Ken de Courcy.
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