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Richard Webster: Home Psychic Parties for Fun and Profit

Richard Webster: Home Psychic Parties for Fun and Profit

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Richard Webster was born in New Zealand in 1946, where he still lives. He travels widely, lecturing and conducting workshops on psychic subjects around the world. He has written many of the classic books in the field of psychic entertainment. He has explained both the topics and the business, and probably helped to start more psychic entertainment careers than any ten other authors combined. His writings for the trade are not widely available, but Home Psychic Parties for Fun and Profit, like all his books, is a gold mine to the practitioner with an interest in this subject.

Richard says, “For seven years I performed home psychic parties almost every night of the week. They provided a wonderful opportunity to develop as a performer and as a reader. Every night my performing situation was different, and to get repeat bookings my readings had to be of a consistently high standard. This book outlines everything I did at these parties, from the first contact over the phone to the thank you letter I sent afterwards.”

The fifteen chapters cover: what exactly is a home psychic party?, the three stages of the party (psychic experiments, crystal ball gazing, and the private reading), what persona to use, what products to sell, suitable effects, marketing (how to get started and get further bookings from every party you do), advance preparation, how much to charge, etc. The actual business cards and letters Richard used are included. He also include details of Psychometry Parties and Psychic Development Parties for people who want more.

Very little has been written on this lucrative area of mentalism. The wonderful thing is that you can start these parties in your own neighbourhood and not have to travel vast distances to make a living. This material got Richard Webster started as a full-time entertainer.

“Richard Webster has done it again. You’ll find that your first, easy-to-book psychic party will pay you many times over the cost of the book.” — Bascom Jones, Magick

64 pages A4, wire-stitched paperback. Very limited quantity available.
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