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Richard Webster: Aura Reading for Fun and Profit

Richard Webster: Aura Reading for Fun and Profit

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Richard Webster was born in New Zealand in 1946, where he still resides. He travels widely, lecturing and conducting workshops on psychic subjects around the world. He has written many of the classic books in the field of psychic entertainment. He has explained both the topics and the business, and probably helped to start more psychic entertainment careers than any ten other authors combined. His writings for the trade are not widely available, but every single book is a gold mine to the practitioner with an interest in its subject matter.

Aura Reading for Fun and Profit details a simple, effective way of giving cold readings. You can draw a simple aura on the back of your business cards, or give a full-length reading using crayons or paints — either way it provides very effective “window dressing” for a cold reading. A great way to have your name and work remembered.

Includes printable giveaways Looking at the Aura in UK and USA versions.

“A veritable wealth of information for all readers.” — Masklyn ye Mage, The New Invocation

“Webster at his very best.” — Bascom Jones, Magick

Why Read Auras?
Starting with Auras
The Meaning of Each Color
How to Draw Auras
Sample Reading
Putting it into Practice
Color Aura Pictures
Full-Length Readings
Other Kinds of Auras
A Shut-Eye Reading
Background Information
How Others See Auras
'Looking at the Aura' Giveaway (USA)
'Looking at the Aura' Giveaway (UK)
Figure Outline for Aura Drawings

69 pages A4, wire-stitched paperback. Very limited quantity available.

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