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Palmistry Tick Sheet System

Palmistry Tick Sheet System

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You are supplied with:

A double-sided Laminated Display Card, showing the Lines of the Hand and the six basic Hand Types. Use this to point your reading.

Six copies of a Four-Page A5 Informational Tick Sheet to help you to trial and become familiar with the system. When you have completed your reading you will give a copy of this to your subject as a memorable and useful souvenir. Free digital artwork is available to all purchasers so you can print your own copies. We recommend that you personalise with your publicity information; it will work better to promote you than any business card! If you wish we can provide personalised artwork for a small charge.

A Ten-Page A4 Manual on how to use the tick sheets. This also includes useful background material on palmistry types and history, plus:

The Entertaining Palmist: How to present palmistry commercially. How to deal with any problems that may arise. Real-life notes from someone who knows!

Stock Readings: Two sample readings which you can use on their own or to supplement your tick-sheet work. One is a simple line-by-line reading, the other is our updated version of William W Larsen's classic reading originally published by Thayer. Included here are some invaluable hints on presentation, and three little-known links you can use for background eesearch.

Table Mindreading: How to approach tables. Giving the Reading. Notes on fees and charges.

A Comprehensive Bibliography: Where to learn more.

This really is a complete package which you can use to earn good fees. I know; I did so for many years, working University Balls, Business Weekenders, Weddings, Fêtes and Galas, and the occasional house party. You’ll be up & running quickly! Print your own and use for ever for £20!
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