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Onomantic Phrenology Divination Pack

Onomantic Phrenology Divination Pack

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Onomantic Phrenology Divination is an easy-to-use form of divination linking letters in names with phrenology. You use a single name, be it a given name, an adopted name, a pen name, a theatrical alias, or even a nickname. Through the interpretation of individual letters based on their position on a phrenological chart, you are able to discover elements of significance tailored to the subject’s unique identity.

For those contemplating a name change or developing a professional name, this simple technique offers a fascinating approach. Start by selecting interpretations that align with your aspirations, then craft a new name that mirrors these definitions.

This method not only serves as a personal introspection tool but also adds an entertaining twist to social gatherings. Invite others to analyse their own name. Or perhaps allow them to use your name and choose statements appropriate to their perception of you. As well as being a lot of fun, it can sometimes be very revealing!

Comes complete with:

A Laminated A5 Display Card: a stylised phrenology head with twenty-six areas marked, linked to various mental abilities and character traits. You will use this to develop your reading.

A Six-Page A4 Information Manual with more detailed sets of statements relating to the ‘mental faculty areas’.

The Story of Phrenology: A brief history of the rise and fall of phrenology as an scientific method of determining mental abilities and personality traits. Use this as an entertaining introduction to your presentation.

A Comprehensive Bibliography: Where to learn more.
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