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InjeXion: Taking magic to the Xtreme!

InjeXion: Taking magic to the Xtreme!

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A sensation at every performance. We have a few more in stock at the moment.

“Terrifyingly brilliant! I don't leave the house without it!” -- Kieron Lefever

InjeXion is a precision engineered device for the professional entertainer which can be used in all areas of magical performance, from comedy and bizarre magic to mentalism and psychological illusion.

“A real shocking effect that had to go into my show, and boy did they remember it!” -- Marc Spelmann

If you regularly perform Blockhead or push needles through yourself, then you definitely need this...! InjeXion is the ultimate in extreme body penetrations. (And definitely safer than sticking needles into yourself!)

Incredible audience reactions! Reputation making performances! Create shocking and memorable experiences!

NOTE: Due to the nature of the effect InjeXion will be sold to persons over the age of 18.

The InjeXion package comes with a link to detailed handling and performance instructions. It will be despatched by secure tracked delivery.
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