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Howard Thurston’s Card Tricks

Howard Thurston’s Card Tricks

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Being a  manual on the Art of Conjuring with Cards, including, among many hither to unpublished novel and unique experiments, a comprehensive description of the continuous front- and back- hand palm with cards and the sensational new rising card trick as presented by the Author in the leading Vaudeville Theatres of the World, including the Palace Theatre London, for six consecutive months.


Chapter I: A Few Incidents in the Life of Howard Thurston, Premier Card Manipulator of the World
Chapter II: Indispensable Sleights
Chapter III: The Continuous Front- and Back-hand Palm, with Cards and Tricks in Connection Therewith
Chapter IV: The Thurston System of Expert Card Manipulation (Now Published for the First Time)
Chapter V: An Entirely New and Original Collection of Miscellaneous Card Tricks, Including the Correct Method of Performing Thurston’s New Rising Cards

PDF eBook, 83 pages, 45 illustrations. This edition digitised by Magick Words, 2006. First published by Stein Publishing House, Chicago, 1903.
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