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Charles W. Cameron: Devil’s Diary

Charles W. Cameron: Devil’s Diary

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Charles Wesley Cameron has often been called the Godfather of Bizarre Magic. He was born on Halloween, 1927, and was one of the founder members of the Edinburgh Magic Circle. He performed on the club circuit with his own magic shows, cabaret spots at home and abroad, tarot readings, TV shows, newspaper and magazine features and numerous interviews. He had a regular slot on Radio Forth offering daily predictions and ghost stories.

Charles was made Curator of the Edinburgh Wax Museum in 1976. For several years in the late 1980s the top floor of the museum became the Castle Dracula Theatre. Charles performed as Count Dracula presenting mind-reading and ghostly seances. His book Castle Dracula Mentalism was published by Martin Breese in 1997.

I first met Charles when he was guest of honour at Keith Hart’s ‘Meeting of the Mages’ (Britain's first bizarre magic convention) in 1996. I remember him as a charming, modest gentleman with a fund of fascinating stories. He died in January 2001. A plaque commemorating Charles Cameron’s life and work can be found by the entrance passageway to the former site of the Wax Museum on Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile.

Like its predecessors, Witches’ Brew and Handbook of Horror, Devil’s Diary is intended for those who like to dabble in the UNKNOWN, for necromancers and sorcerers and all who haunt the blackness of the night in their attempts to conjure up shadowy shapes from the strange World of the Beyond.

The only ingredients required to cast the necessary spells are Imagination, the ability to weave a suitable tale of the Uncanny and the various methods contained within these covers.

These pages from Lucifer's library should enable you to perform a few seemingly impossible feats of weird and unusual magic.

“To all those other necromancers who tread the same curious and rarely trodden paths... my fraternal greetings.”

From Satan With Hell-Fire
Strange Brew
Cat Sorcery
Ghostly Raps
Ghostly Lights
Ghostly Faces
Spirit Bell
The Key To The Lock Of Fate
The Sorcerer’s Signature
A Vampire Cometh!
The Scroll Of Chai Lung
Voodoo Doll
Death By Thought
Voice From The Tomb
Symbol Of Power
Breath Of Lucifer
Demon’s Choice
Astro Zodiac
Guardian Of The Tomb

Charles W. Cameron’s Devil’s Diary is filled with eclectic and rare Bizarre Magic and Mentalism. Very limited numbers remain. Get it while you can.

1st edition 1976, 52 pages, wire-stitched paperback.
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