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Bob Ostin's Fingertip Fantasies

Bob Ostin's Fingertip Fantasies

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Thirty-one practical magical effects

If you've been looking for incredible close-up material and interesting plots, look no further than Bob Ostin's Fingertip Fantasies! This is real worker material, with relatively simple sleight of hand used in conjunction with direct and deceiving plots to create close-up miracles.

I've read Fingertip Fantasies many times over the years... Bob Ostin is truly one of my heroes. -- Jerry Sadowitz

Includes the following:

The Sky Hooks Routine
The Vanishing Biro
A Coin from Two Cards
Perfect Penetration
Card to Wallet
The One Cup, One Ball, One Move Routine
The Four in One Routine
The Coin on the Pipe Cleaner
Name Spelling
Copper to Silver
Reading Cards Behind Your Back
Coin Through Ring
The No Load Dice Stack Climax
A Novel Penknife Routine
The Cigar Tube Mystery
The Good Company Penetration
The Lie Detector
A Routine for the Pencil Through Penny
A Clean Finish for the Coins Across
The Swivel Up Card to Top
Adding a Stack to the Pack
The Peg Coin Change
Perfection Penetration (Part 2 with Follow Up)
The Backward Card Trick
My Coin in Bottle Routine
Diminishing Cards (Vanish for Last Set)
The One-To-Ten Red and Black Mystery
Impossible Coin Plates
The Travelling Joker
The 'Which One' Coin Trick
A Sucker Coin Trick

88 pages, hardback. Goodliffe Publications, 1st edition, 1968.
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