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Arthur Setterington's Power of Persuasion

Arthur Setterington's Power of Persuasion

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Arthur Setterington was one of magic’s most innovative creators. Perhaps not as well known outside the UK as he should be, as he didn’t do international lecture tours. you will at least be familiar with one of his inventions, the penetrating rubber bands, generally known as the Crazy Man’s Handcuffs. He also invented Cube in a Tube which was one of Supreme Magic’s bestsellers for many years.

Arthur had an amazing ability to devise new tricks and his contributions to magic literature are an incredible achievement. He was a member of The Inner Magic Circle and recipient of The Magic Circle’s Maskelyne Literary Award. Power of Persuasion was very much ahead of its time in terms of presentation; instead of claiming you can read minds or predict the future, you are demonstrating how we can all be influenced and persuaded without being aware of it.

This book is legendary amongst mentalists as pure, direct, entertaining mentalism at its best. This is not mental magic or presented as a trick. These appear to be true demonstrations of 100% mentalism. The demonstrations are layered in such a way that each layer becomes more deceiving than the last.

What is "Power of Persuasion"?

PoP... is a lecture/demonstration, using simple items, which can be carried in a brief-case.

PoP... is a fresh approach to mentalism, which blows away the cobwebs of the past, eschewing the supernatural or prenatural, making it acceptable to modern audiences.

PoP... is based on fact, not possibilities or probabilities. The techniques used are up to date, educational, instructive and, above all, entertaining.

PoP... is a framework into which effects, already in the possession of many magicians, may be included. Anything which has to be constructed will be found simple to make and inexpensive to purchase.

PoP... introduces a new experience to the spectators, wherein they are led to believe that they understand the working of the demonstrations but are left entirely in the dark.

PoP... is revealing, intriguing and compelling and the demonstrator is given credit for his apparently clever psychological subtleties.

“Power of Persuasion is arguably the finest example of applied psychology employed in magic.” Prof. Eddie Dawes


What is "Power of Persuasion"?
A Lecture Demonstration
Demonstration 1: Influencing Choice
Demonstration 2: “... Full Shelves Mean More Purchases”
Demonstration 3: “... A Good Package Design Should Hypnotise”
Demonstration 4: “... So Much To Choose From, They Require Assistance”
Demonstration 5: “... Planned Product Obsolescence”
Demonstration 6: “Explore... Manipulate... And Sell”
Explanation of Methods used in the Demonstrations
Concluding Remarks

2nd edition 1985, 28 pages, wire-stitched paperback. Long out of print, limited quantities available.
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