The Chop Bell



A beautiful, decorative bell which can be used in your close-up routines, but is ideal for story-telling magic. Comes with three full routines: Roger Curzon’s Albert’s Coffin Bell, together with Swan Song and The Mystery of Bride’s Bell by Tracy Wise. Plus a ‘Further Thoughts’ section with lots more ideas.

I first saw a ‘Chop Bell’ used in a coin routine at a FISM convention some years ago – ringing as each coin was produced, then finally becoming mute as the last coin vanished. (Sorry, I no longer remember the performer.) Very pretty, but I immediately thought that it would make a great prop to enhance bizarre or story-telling routines. Later I discovered that both Roger Curzon and Ashton Carter had routines which involved the ringing, or non-ringing, of bells.

I managed to obtain a few of these bells. The first one was bought by Tracy Wise, who soon came up with two excellent routines. My sincere thanks go to Tracy and Roger for agreeing to share their work with you.

Incidentally, this works really well with The Faerie Files, also available from Magick.


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