Tenyo Locking Card Case


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An invaluable prop with many applications:

  • You can vanish a card in this case.
  • You can make a card appear in it.
  • You can change a card.
  • You can restore a torn card.

And it’s not just useful for your card routines! The case will also switch photographs, tickets, business cards, postage stamps, small written notes… in fact just about any flat paper or card item that will fit inside.

For your bizarre routines, have a photograph become haunted or ghostly writing appear on a blank card. Predict a chosen card. Have your details appear on a blank business card… The possibilities, as they say, are limited only by your imagination!

Very easy to use, and because the case locks securely when closed you can hand it to a spectator to discover the magical transformation, vanish or appearance.

Size 96mm x 70 mm.

For a bizarre routine (taken from his book Dark Matters) Roger Curzon uses a Tenyo Locking Card Case disguised as a Victorian double travelling photograph frame. As you can see in the photograph above, the orginal black case has been aged with a little antique gold paint and a small applique decoration. It looks very effective!


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