Tales from the Tarot


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Learn to read Tarot in days rather than months.

No need to memorise complicated card meanings. The best system for the working reader as well as the mystery performer who wants to add a fascinating extra skill much in demand by audiences everywhere.

You don’t need to be a full-time reader to benefit from this package. If you use tarot cards in your performance, soon someone is going to ask you for a reading.

Read this book with cards in hand. Try a few simple three-card readings with friends and in a few days you’ll be ready to give an assured, fun reading whenever asked.

Hobrin’s classic book, which we first published in 1990, has been comprehensively updated and augmented with new material PLUS a DVD-Rom with tarot artwork and nearly 50 valuable tarot eBooks in PDF format, many of them very rare, including books by A E Waite, Éliphas Lévi, Papus, S L MacGregor Mathers, A E Thierens, Mrs John King Van Rensselaer, Paul Foster Case , P D Ouspensky, Julia Orsini, Etteilla, Frater Achad, C C Zain… and more.

PLUS While stocks last we’re including an additional DVD-Rom with artwork from 200+ decks from around the world, spanning approximately 600 years — from classic to new age. These magnificent illustrations are both an inspiration and a useful guide if you are considering buy a new, specialised tarot deck or seeking or researching that rare classic tarot.

If you would prefer to have the eBooks and artwork on a USB Flash Drive instead of a disk thrn this is available to select above, on the Choices drop-down menu.

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