Roger Curzon: Theomancy



A great follow-up to Roger’s acclaimed Sublimations DVD VideoBook. Six powerful bizarre and mental routines for the close-up performer. Great value! Any one of these routines could have been sold separately for the price of the entire collection. All props are either easily obtained or can be simply made using the templates and artwork supplied on the resource section of the DVD.

The Perfect Prediction — You display three coins and a spectator makes three random choices, which are completely out of your control. Nevertheless, you have correctly predicted the outcome.

The Devil Rides Out — The face of the Devil visibly changes into a randomly selected number in a very visual and stunning manner.

Chromatic ESP Prediction — An ESP symbol and a colour are chosen by random methods, yet they match the single prediction!

Don’t Cheat the Ferryman — Charon, the Ferryman, is cheated out of his fare. Hence, the tortured spirit of your great grandmother is destined to wander this earthly domain for eternity. Finally, she comes to haunt her own photograph whilst it is held bin the spectator’s hand.

Non/No Revisited — A number freely chosen by a spectator matches that inside a sealed envelope. A stunning effect with simple, clean handling.

Sight Unseen — A pendulum divination of a random three-digit number.


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