Richard Webster: Aura Reading for Fun and Profit



Aura Reading for Fun and Profit details a simple, effective way of giving cold readings. You can draw a simple aura on the back of your business cards, or give a full-length reading using crayons or paints — either way it provides very effective “window dressing” for a cold reading. A great way to have your name and work remembered.

Includes printable giveaways Looking at the Aura in UK and USA versions.


  • Why Read Auras?
  • Starting with Auras
  • The Meaning of Each Color
  • How to Draw Auras
  • Sample Reading
  • Putting it into Practice
  • Color Aura Pictures
  • Full-Length Readings
  • Other Kinds of Auras
  • A Shut-Eye Reading
  • Background Information
  • How Others See Auras
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • ‘Looking at the Aura’ Giveaway (USA)
  • ‘Looking at the Aura’ Giveaway (UK)
  • Figure Outline for Aura Drawings

69 pages A4, wire-stitched paperback. Very limited quantity available.


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