Paul’s Balls by Wayne Dobson and Paul Martin



The Tossed Out Lottery Book Test

Created by one of the UK’s busiest working magicians, Paul Martin, Paul’s Balls is a great trick that can be used at any time in your act. Not just for stage, you can also use this effect for close-up and walk-round too. If you wanted to do a lottery prediction type effect but was unable to buy or justify spending heaps of money on a special device, then you can’t go wrong with Paul’s Balls.

This effect has everything; drama, magic, mind reading and audience participation. The presentation is entirely hands off!

Comes complete with pocket sized lottery book, routine, gags and performance rights. Unfortunately the instructions are online, but that seems to be the way things are going at the moment. Let me know if you have any problems with this.

“I love this trick, it has gone straight in my working act! It’s so easy to do.” – Etienne Pradier

“Paul’s created a frighteningly good mentalism effect that anyone can perform, I’ve already found the perfect slot in my parlour routine.” – Nick Einhorn

“I’m always asked at gigs if I can predict the lottery numbers… and now I can – Thanks for releasing this Paul.”
Mark Williams “I can’t tell you the pleasure I’ve had playing with Paul’s Balls for the last few months.” – Jamie Raven

“I was lucky to get this before it came out and I used it to great effect over all my Christmas Gigs, the reactions were great!” – Lee Hathaway

“This is a real workers’ effect that can be put into any act as an opener, filler or closer!” – Magic Singh

“Paul’s Balls are Big…! Really Big… trust me.” – David Stone (well, somebody had to say it…)


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