Paul Brook’s Loyalty



Loyalty gives you three amazing props that fit on your key ring and allow you to read people’s minds in various diverse ways. The versatility of these props means you can perform a simple quick one-minute shocker or an in-depth performance depending on the situation. Whenever you need it, it will always be by your side… now that really is loyalty.

“I highly recommend all of Paul’s material and if you haven’t yet been exposed to his work, Loyalty makes a great first introduction. Since this clever pocket mentalism miracle is designed to stay on your keyring, “Loyalty” makes an apt name since this mindreading tool will always be by your side. “ -Ning Cai,

Ask a participant to think of an image, a number and even a word and you are able to correctly determine exactly what they are thinking of.

Additionally, you may want to pass on your mind reading abilities by giving another person the chance to guess the first participant’s number and more often than not the second person will be able to!

  • 100% accurate
  • Easy to do
  • Always with you
  • Nothing to replace
  • No reset required
  • Fits on your keys
  • 100% examinable

Your Loyalty set includes: Three custom made loyalty key card fobs, link to a 45-page instructional eBook complete with full presentations and handlings and 29 full color photos.

Bonus: There is also an instructional video where Paul Brook guides you through all of the different aspects of Loyalty and how you can start amazing people with these wonderful props.

In the PDF instructions Paul also shares some additional ideas that enable the mentalist or magician to use a random participant’s actual ungimmicked keys as part of the routine.

“I appreciate Loyalty’s seemingly impromptu, mentalism effects that can always be with you. It offers lots of possibilities.” – Wayne Kawamoto, Reviewer

“In my opinion, Paul Brooks has created the perfect effect. Easy to carry (it goes on your key chain), easy to do, deceptive and it looks 100% innocent. “ – The Magic Portal, Reviewer

“Paul Brook is a terrific mentalist and the routines provided are cunning and strong. Carrying Loyalty on your key ring ensures that you have a three hit punch whenever you need it.” – Magic Orthodoxy, Reviewer


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