Mentalism for Connoisseurs by Stanton Carlisle



Mentalism for Connoisseurs is packed with invaluable material for the working mentalist. In these pages you’ll find not just practical, very commercial effects, but more importantly, how to use and present those effects.

It’s difficult to pick out a single gem, but for me the chapter on Money-Making Mentalism, together with associated support material, can open up a whole new field for the working performer.

And another gem: Mentalism Supreme provides you with a complete act which can run from twenty minutes to an hour. With little to learn and nothing to carry, it makes a great feature item or second spot.

First published in 1980, this is truly a book that was ahead of its time! And at a time when material of this quality sells for very high prices, Mentalism for Connoisseurs is a real bargain.

From the Foreword by George Blake:

I have been honoured to read through the completed book, and, as I finished reading even the first effect I said to myself “If the reader of this book only uses this one item he will surely have his money’s-worth”, for I consider Thoughts Winged Flight a real gem, and, I shall have the privilege of learning it before you, the reader, does!

However, there were more surprises to come; Mind Control… In Action is a definite eye-opener, for the reader will learn secrets he never dreamed of! But leave you, dear reader, to find out for yourself, and see if you don’t agree with me, Then, arriving at Mentalism Supreme, even if you “know all there is to know” about mental matters, you will be bursting to put this complete act into your repertoire.

I could go on and on, enthusing on the contents, but this is not intended to be a review so much as an effort to express my profound admiration for someone who, so unselfishly, has passed along to you the results of his own wide experience in Money-Making Mentalism, This is a book to be read and re-read, to be digested to the full, so, as you read each effect, try closing your eyes, and visualising yourself carrying the effect through, before a spellbound audience!

Mark Twain said: “To be good is noble, but to teach others to be good, is nobler—and less trouble,” but had Mark Twain known the Author, he would have omitted those last three words, for I do know to what amount of trouble, and care, the Author has subjected himself to get this book to you. I only hope you will appreciate that as much as I do.

Now I can only leave you to read and re-read these lessons on Mentalism, from an experienced teacher.


  • Foreword by George Blake
  • Author’s Foreword
  • Thoughts Winged Flight
  • Mind Control… in Action
  • Psycho-Matic
  • The “Bent Medium’s” Switcheroo
  • Money Making Mentalism: The ‘Psychic’ Party
  • Astrological Signs and Symbols
  • How to tell Fortune with Dice and Dominoes
  • The Day for any Given Birthdate: A Simple Formula
  • Mentalism Supreme: A Complete Pseudo-Hypnotic Act
  • Appendix A: Fortune-Telling Cue Chart
  • Appendix B: A Simple Card Reading Presentation

53 pages, wire stitched. 13 illustrations by Ken de Courcy.


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