Matthew Johnson’s Stabbed In the Pack


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Cutting edge magic… with a LETHAL twist!

From the inventive mind of Matt Johnson comes a commercial card effect with a kicker finish that you are going to absolutely love performing!

The magician explains that in every deck of cards, there is one card that is more lethal than the rest. He spreads through the cards and removes the King of Clubs, pointing out the King’s razor sharp sword.

The Magician then has the spectator select another card (let’s say the Two of Hearts) explaining that this card is going to act as the unwilling volunteer. The two cards are placed face to face for only a few seconds.

When they are separated, jaws will drop as the Two of Hearts is now missing its pips. When the King is turned over, impaled on the King’s sword are the two missing hearts from the selected card!

Stabbed in the Pack comes with custom cards printed by the US Playing Card Company on Bicycle card stock, simply add your own deck of Bicycle Cards.

It also comes complete with photographic instructions and as an added bonus, an additional routine using the cards included!


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