Back in 2003, at the IBM British Ring convention in Southport, I watched Stephen Tucker perform his routine Exhibit A (my stand was almost opposite his, as I recall). I liked the routine, particularly the possibilities of extending it and adapting it to my own style (probably a little darker than Stephen’s, even then…).

At the end of the convention I bought his remaining stock, intending to work on it and add to the original routine. As tends to happen, other things took over and I never really got beyond making a few notes. Earlier this year I came across the box of Exhibit A’s and decided that it was high time that I took another look at my notes and do some serious work. There’s so much scope here!

The result is Killers. In the package you’ll find Stephen’s original instructions and props, together with three more routines: Exhibit A Redux, Psychic Death Test and Death Match plus other ideas.

There are so many possibilities with this set; I suggest that, ideally, you should treat the routines supplied as starting points for your own presentations. There are many stories to be told, and fascinating, emotional, perhaps even slightly scary, experiences waiting for your audiences…

Seven-fourteen suspects, some with murderous intent… some perpetrators, some victims? Find the killer and match the weapon. Includes full routines offering loads of possibilities for variations and extensions. Killers Basic £30 (full set of 14 killer/victim photographs plus instructions, Stephen Tucker’s Exhibit A complete, Evidence Cards and bags). Killers Plus £75 (shown above) is housed in a wooden box and includes everything in the basic set, plus murder weapons (9mm bullet, rope noose, syringe, etc.) We occasionally have a few de luxe specials in antique cases, available only at conventions and to callers.

Note that Killer is sold to over 18’s only.

Sorry. Killers is currently out of stock.

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