Fred Kolb presents Exciting Experiments in ESP


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A Treasury of Mental Miracles

Exciting Experiments in ESP is a great little book packed with powerful mentalism for real-world audiences. Presentations run the gamut from billet tests to book tests to advertising stunts. Perfect for the beginner and professional alike.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Hunch or Intuition? Call it ESP by Ginny Potter
THE COLD AND HOT READ — Introductory observations.
THE MENTAL IMAGE — A version of Jak’s masterpiece using unprepared items only.
KEN’S FILE CARD READ — A fully routined message reading method with patter that makes sense. Done under any conditions — anywhere.
KEN’S PHONE BOOK TEST — Use ANY phone book. Entirely impromptu. DIRECT and FAST.
A NUMBER CHANGE — Used in conjunction with “A Way Out” but will make a miracle out of other billet tests.
THE CRACKING CRYSTAL — An easy, fast method of doing this “odd” effect. Done anywhere.
KEN’S NEWSPAPER TV TEST — Better, faster and more topical than any “Want Ad.” test. Impromptu. Not a gimmick used.
THE FILE CARD READ — (Commercial version)… A really top notch advertising stunt. Done anywhere.
KEN’S SKULLO LIVING AND DEAD TEST — A table stunt with a triple climax that leaves them gasping.
KEN’S BILL READING — A simple, DIRECT method for reading numbers on borrowed bills. No apparatus, done anywhere.
KEN’S SUPER NUMBER ADDITION TEST — A double climax “16 digit” effect. No slates, etc., used. Done for one person or a group.
KEN’S FILE CARD FOLD — An entirely new method of getting some writing INSIDE a folded billet. A brilliant concept.
KEN’S MENTAL IMAGE — Stage size… A method featuring VISIBILITY before large audiences.
SPECIAL DELIVERY — A streamlined and highly dramatic version of Milbourne Christopher’s mental gem.

22 x 13 cm. 76 pages, wire stitched paperback, fully illustrated. Out of print. Limited quantity available.


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