Edwin’s The President’s Lady



One of Edwin’s favourites! A novel ‘Turn It Round’ effect for your kids’ shows that has such a strong climax you will find yourself using it in your adult shows too! The Magician tells how he won a silver cup — at this stage, you can personalise and topicalise the effect it can be a cup for your prowess as a golfer, a swimmer, an athlete, a magician! — you were awarded the silver cup but wished it had been the gold one you had won. Unfortunately, too, on the way home in the bus, you put the cup on the seat beside you and when someone sat on it! — so it’s squashed and as flat as a pancake!

The flat silver cup is shown, it is 9 inches high x 7 1/2 inches across. You say that the cup was presented to you by the President’s lady or you can say you received it from the hands of the duchess… again you can topicalise, “The Duchess of Rotherham”, “The Duchess of Muddleup Manor” or what-have-you. It’s very nice but not what you wanted and you were very disappointed. There is plenty of scope for patter here as you describe that lady, even sinking to using any of the old wife, mother-in-law or landlady jokes.

The cup is momentarily covered by a silk or cloth — when uncovered, it has changed from a silver one to a bright yellow golden one. “Yah, you turned it round.” The cup is covered and reverts back to the silver one once again. “You cheated.” “Oh no, I didn’t.” “Oh yes, you did.” And so on…. The cup is gold again and the silk is removed. “Turn it around, turn it around. What’s on the other side?”

Suddenly the cup is turned over and flipped around, when it changes — there is no silver cup but now there stands a figure 16 inches high in flesh, black, white, yellow. green and red, of the President’s lady (or the duchess), attired in her colourful ball gown, just as she was when she presented the cup to you! What a surprise! It’s an eye-popper! A sure laugh finish. different to anything else you have and easy to perform. Comes complete with instructions and routine, use your own silk or cloth.


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