Edwin’s Jungle Jamboree


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A fabulous children’s routine produced to top-quality, professional standards on heavy board, silk-screened from excellent artwork in many colours. All parts are laminated with non-reflective film to give long wear. IT’S BIG AND EFFECTIVE MAGIC.

This is Edwin’s original description:

As you tell of your exploration through the jungle, a witch doctor’s hut is shown and displayed on both sides, then closed and placed in view. A cut-out cage is shown — inside the cage is a fearsome gorilla. As the story unfolds, the gorilla is removed, the cage is opened out, the magician grimacing through the bars. The empty cage is closed and placed back towards the audience. When the gorilla tries to escape, the magician attempts to make it disappear. The gorilla is driven into the hut… magic spells — when the folder is opened, the picture of the gorilla is still there, but now it has shrunk to one-third of its original size! Try again! The diminutive gorilla is replaced in the hut.

There’s fun galore as the children assist by chanting the magic vanishing spell and there’s a surprise when the gorilla DOES vanish and the folder changes and becomes a cut-out picture, all in colour, of the witch doctor in ceremonial dress. The magician takes up the cage, stating that it is still empty, but the children see a little bit of the card peeping up and down over the top of this. There’s loads of fun before the cage is turned around to show that the gorilla has been magically recaptured and is back safely inside it.

This is typical Edwin material and first-rate kids’ stuff with loads of action woven into the colourful, worry-free magic. You get the cage folder, 15 inches x 10 inches; picture cards 12 inches x 8 1/2 inches and the witch doctor’s hut-folder, which at the end is transformed into the witch doctor, 10 3/4 inches across x 13 inches high. Gorgeous colours — yellow, white, fluorescent green, black, grey, brown. You also get the tutor-type instructions, including a full, laughter-packed routine.

NEW Although the effect and props are excellent, I have taken the liberty of amending Edwin’s original routine somewhat to be more acceptable to present-day audiences. Although we may feel uncomfortable about the spirit of ‘political correctness’ haunting the routines of a children’s entertainer, I feel that we should be sensitive to these matters. In the new routine the magician and the native people work together to rescue the gorilla and return him to his home in the jungle. Following several requests we are prepared to supply the new routine only to existing owners of the effect. Just send the original routine together with ¬£2.00/$3.00 to cover postage and handling. Your original routine will be returned to you with the new manuscript.


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