Edwin’s Hop, Skip and Jump


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Children’s entertainers looking for a great routine with colourful pack-flat props will love this one! Two 10 inch x 8 inch cards with pictures of cute little elves, each dressed in a brilliant fluorescent green costume. One of the elves, you tell the children, is called ‘Hop’, the other one is called ‘Skip’; and there’s a third little gnome — he seems to be hiding away somewhere! Attention is drawn to a plaque 12 inches x 9 inches on which is a picture of a toadstool. When ‘Jump’ is discovered, he is seen to be identical to his two friends, except that he is dressed in a brilliant day-glo red costume. The backs of all the cards are in a regular plaid design.

‘Jump’ gets up to all kinds of capers and does an invisible somersault into the air. First he is right way up, then he is standing on his head; turn him over and he is back standing on his head again! There’s lots of fun, business and by-play and some marvellous comedy when it is seen that he has jumped away completely and is nowhere to be found. Jump has stepped right out of the picture! There’s much hilarious business before he is found on your back or discovered hopping up and down from where he is hiding behind the toadstool.

A great routine with great props! Price includes all the cards making two different endings possible; the mushroom plaque. Fully silk-screened and laminated front and back with a non-reflective plastic film. Take our word for it, this is a great piece of magical entertainment which will be a positive hit with all children’s entertainers.


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