Contact Mind Reading Expanded by Dariel Fitzkee


ntroduction by C. A. George Newmann

Dariel Fitzkee wrote the The Trick Brain, Showmanship for Magicians, Misdirection for Magicians among many other classic books for the working performer. Contact mind reading, sometimes known as ‘muscle reading’ or ‘Hellstromism’, is an aspect of mentalism sadly ignored by many performers, yet when performed correctly it is perhaps one of the most powerful and effective mind reading demonstrations of all. It offers you the ability to locate almost any object hidden by members of the audience — even while blindfolded!

Fitzkee wrote the book on contact mind reading, literally! His first edition was even selected as one of The Sphinx‘s best books of the year.

In this enlarged third edition you will find:

  • A complete and clear explanation of the nearest approach to genuine mind reading.
  • An impressive demonstration of intercepting and reading the unwritten and unspoken thoughts and commands of a bona fide spectator.
  • May be done anywhere, at a moment’s notice, without special apparatus or preparation.
  • No confederates. No apparatus. No preparation.
  • The full and complete secret, understandably revealed so that almost anyone may do it.
  • Methods of contact. How to read the thoughts. Suggested tests. Suggested routines. General information.

23 x 15 cm, 38 pages, wire-stitched paperback.


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