Charles W. Cameron: ‘Mind’ Your Magic



Readers of Cameron’s books will know he prefers subtleties rather than sleights and the mentalism effects in this book follow the same pattern. None of the routines are pipedreams, they have all been audience tested.

In his Foreword Leslie May points out, “… in this, his latest work, devoted to magic of the mind, we find further striking examples of his creative powers and all magicians with any leaning to the mental side of the business will find within these pages material that will prove fascinating to both them and their audiences.”


  • Dedication
  • Introduction
  • Foreword (Leslie May)
  • S’Impossible
  • Thoughts at Random
  • Astro-Magic
  • Ghost Detector
  • Doorway to the Unknown
  • Hundred to One Shot
  • More Thoughts at Random
  • Think – Print
  • ‘Psychic’ Test
  • Numero Choice
  • The Dead Speak
  • Psycho Colour
  • Further Thoughts at Random

First edition, 62 pages wire-stitched. Out of print, limited numbers available.


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