Ashton Carter’s Evil Genie



Would you make a deal with a Genie?
What would you do with three wishes?
Would you sign in your own blood?

Take your participant on a journey to discover what they would wish for.

You write their wishes on a card and ask them to sign it to seal the deal, it’s ok, it’s only ink… however, the power of the Evil Genie makes itself known as their signature transforms into blood and their wishes change to become the final judgment of the Genie on the participant.

A wonder-filled blend of storytelling, magic and moral dilemma.

Comes with a customised Sharpie Pen, instructions and secret gimmicks. Also included in the illustrated instruction booklet are alternative handlings, how to use the gimmicks to make amazing predictions, as well as performance and audience handling tips. It’s easy to do so you can concentrate on the performance.

Tell the story as a Genie, Daemon or as a retelling of the classic ‘Monkey’s Paw’.

Use the principle as a secret weapon to enhance your mentalism predictions, make your ‘readings’ more accurate and create a memorable way to give out your business card.

Warning: This effect may be too strong for some audiences. Perform with care, and responsibly.


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