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The Cartomancer  Deck is a completely unique, fully custom Poker-size deck of cards. It was designed by Alain Benoit and printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

The inspirations behind this deck: Tarot; French cartomancy; transformation playing cards; analytical psychology; surrealism; symbolism; fingerprints; vintage prints and illustrations.

Why is this deck unique? Each card tells a story with an original illustration made with vintage engravings and prints. The whole deck paints the landscape of our lives in a beautifully nostalgic style. The result is a thought-provoking synergy between significance and design. There is nothing else like it.

The Cartomancer Deck uses the existing structure of a standard deck of cards as a canvas for a new, insightful divination system. ALL the cards feature universal archetypes and symbols making it a very instinctive tool for divination.

The themes for each suit are as follows:

     Diamonds: Sensation, perception with our senses, childhood and earth.
     Spades: Thinking, becoming part of society, early adulthood and air.
     Hearts: Intuition, abundance and fertility, midlife and water.
     Clubs: Feeling, knowing without reasoning, late adulthood and fire.

     Red Joker: Unconsciousness: our deepest level of consciousness, a pool of desires, dreams, spirituality and emotions.
     Black Joker: Consciousness: our individual awareness of the world: sensation, thinking, intuition and feeling.

Amazing Attention to Detail

As a tribute to the people who got their hands dirty with ink creating the engravings featured in the deck, the suit symbols are made with fingerprints. As a result, no suit symbol is ever repeated on the same card. For instance, the 10 of Diamonds has 10 different fingerprints!

The timeworn paper background of the front of each card is a section of a larger paper so that the background of each card is different (no annoying repeated markings anywhere). Of course the backs are uniform for obvious reasons.

The meaning of each card is printed in the margin of the card in both English and French as a tribute to French Cartomancie.

The deck contains hundreds of engravings, sometimes as many as five different designs in the same card. There is always something new to discover every time you look at them. This also means that it is easy to use the images as springboards and inspirations for your readings. No need for memory work!

The ornaments on the tuck box and on the back of the cards are old foundry ornaments used in early printing.

The deck comes with a limited edition ‘little white book’, a 32-page black and white booklet the size of the box, containing an introduction to the deck, ideas for divination and keyword meanings for each card.

  • Originally funded by over 600 backers on Kickstarter, now available to you!
  • A truly unique deck, each card is illustrated with a different collage made with multiple vintage engravings and illustrations.
  • A new deck of cards for divination, it comes with a limited edition little white book.
  • A ‘must have’ for any card collector!


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