Peter Turner to Lecture

Peter Turner to Lecture

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Peter Turner 2

Say the name Peter Turner amongst a group of mentalists you get everyone’s attention right away. Why is that?

Peter ‘The Perceptionist’ Turner has carved a name for himself within the magic community as not only a unique performer, but an ingenious and innovatory thinker. Peter has a definite way with words. If you want your performances to become legendary stories retold between laymen, and to be remembered for ever, then listen to everything this guy has to say.

Regarded as one of the most influential mentalists of our time, he has consulted on many projects for TV and stage. Now you have a chance to meet and hear lecture the man Kenton Knepper has called, “One of the most natural, realistic mentalists of our time.”

Drawing equally from mentalism and psychology, Peter spins together routines that delight and amaze audiences. His publications include Isabella’s Star 2 (in stock at Magick now!), The Portugal Notes, Symphony of Silence, Devious Realities, Dare to be Bold, and the DVDs The Devil in Disguise, Jinxed and Freeform Mentalism.

Pete’s lecture is here at The Lounge next Thursday 3 July. Doors open at 7:03 and we start at 7:30. Admission is free for Sheffield Circle members, £10 for visiting magicians. A bargain not to be missed!

PS Yes, that’s Colin McLeod in the background.

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