Marc Oberon Lecture

Marc Oberon Lecture

Posted by on Mar 20, 2009 in Lectures & Workshops | 3 comments

Another great night at The Magick Lounge! Although I’ve known Marc Oberon for some years, this is the first time I’ve seen him lecture. He started with a performance of his award-winning act. This gave us all an excellent insight into Marc’s thinking and his attention to detail when putting together and choreographing an act.

The various effects he performed and explained were all first-class. (One which particularly appealed to me was What Do You See, in which a word chosen from a book by one spectator matches an objected imagined by a second.)

But what I found really interesting was hearing Marc talk about his approach to magical creation and production. I’m looking forward to reading his new book Marc Oberon’s Hat System for the Production of Magic.

We had a pretty good turnout at short notice, though I think there’ll be a few people who will be sorry to have missed out. If Marc’s lecture comes your way, make sure you’re there!

Thanks to Tim for the pics. The Lounge doesn’t look bad, does it? And we haven’t finished yet. Watch this space for updates. And news of another great lecture coming soon!


  1. Hey Russ

    Great post and I agree with you 100% but I have kind of a different theory.

    I feel that when for example someone walks into a magic dealer and buys a trick. To start off there energy is going to be 100% concentrated on the method of the effect and getting the mechanics down. This is also this first this that I am concentrated on when I get a new effect, but I feel before any presentation can be applied, the trick (mechanics of the trick) should be seconded nature and there for no thought will need to be used for the mechanics of the trick because it will ‘happen by itself’ if you understand what I mean. Then and only then can presentation be applied because if any amount of thought is given back to the method (mechanics) when performing the trick then the presentation will start to fall out of sink.

    There is times when this HAS to happen, for example if I lost where the spectators card was, I would NEED to bring my attention back to mechanics to help me find the spectators card is again. This is when been able to think on your feet comes in.

    So in a nut shell I feel that the people we see who don’t have any presentation or theatre to there effects or act are people who ether haven’t practised enuf to brake away from the method of accomplishing whatever the effect may be and give 100% thought into presentation and turning the trick into a true piece of entertainment or they don’t know about presentation so therefore they can’t apply it.

    I am not saying this is the answer but it is just me thoughts.

    Thanks Russ.


  2. There’s a lot of sense in what you say, Tom. We need to get the mechanics in place, certainly. Which comes first we could discuss at length. I tend to think about presentation and ‘theatre’ first. Cos, if that ain’t right it isn’t going to work for me however well I do the sleights or whatever else is needed to do the ‘trick’. My real argument, however, is with those who get hung up on the trick and all else is forgotten.

    And as for those people who come into the shop and say they’ve got to do a show tonight or tomorrow, and what would I recommend…

    • Yep. I’m the same really… although the effect I want to create is important for my style the moment (be it either comedy or terror!) is paramount.

      I often choose things because they link ideas I’m already working on but usually find myself going back to my trusty T Tip and the first card force I ever learned! – It also depends on the situations you perform in, I’m mostly at trade shows or street entertainment now and that can dictate how much control I have over the ‘theatre’ but with some thought and choice of props/clothes etc you can still create something very magical from something very simple.

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