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Well, it’s Friday 31 July, the final day of the 24th FISM World Championships of Magic in Beijing. At least I haven’t all that packing up to do. Missed it though.

We had confirmation yesterday that the next FISM, in 2012, will be in Blackpool. This was a pretty foregone conclusion as there were no other host applications, although I’d heard that the actual Convention location might have been Manchester rather than Blackpool itself. Certainly the Blackpool guys have had plenty of experience in organising a major magic convention so we’re looking forward to a good one. Hear, too, that over 400 tickets have already been sold!

Grand Prix winners this year are Soma (Hungary) for stage and Shawn Farquhar (Canada) for close-up. Magick regulars may recall I met and interviewed Shawn in Stockholm at the last FISM. See PrestiDigital 4 for his convention survival tips.

Soma performing his famous ‘phone manipulation act.

I understand Shawn’s act was based on his well-known Shape of my Heart routine.

I’m also pleased to bring you the news that First Prize in the Parlour Magic section went to Marc Oberon. Loungers will recall that Marc lectured here at the Magick Lounge a few months ago, opening with an extended version of of his ‘midas’ act which he performed in Beijing. (Love the expression parlour magic, incidentally — image of a performer with a pristine dicky performing amid antimacassars and aspidistras. Maybe more of us need to get in touch with our inner Hoffmann…)

Click here for a full winners’ list. The Genii Forums are worth checking out for some interesting FISM reports. Also keep an eye on FISM’s new website. I quote:

FISM™ is pleased to announce the launch of the new FISM™ website. This new portal is gathering all previous FISM™ websites in one single location. It has been designed to provide the users with everything that is relevant to FISM™ through a modern and user-friendly environment.

The new FISM™ website offers a wide range of materials, including background information about the history of FISM™, members and competitions as well as detailed explanation of the FISM™ statutes and management. An extensive set of links leads the users to the FISM™ store, TV and Video section and social networks such as facebook and myspace. It also gives them direct access to the websites of their each national FISM™ clubs. In addition, users can subscribe to the newsletter to be at the cutting edge of all topics related to FISM™. The new website will be the first important step to unify all the information in one place.

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