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Had an email from Suren Ram via this blog. He’s looking for a book “named ‘Indra Jaal’ (Similar spellings: Indrajal, or Indra Jäl).” He says that the book “has an Hindu origin”. He’s seeking preferably an English language version, or if not, a copy of the original. If anyone has any information on this book let us know and we’ll forward details to Suren.

We do have over two-and-a-half thousand second-hand books in stock but haven’t come across this title. (Another subtle plug there; check out the Recycled Magic pdf.)

I seem to recall the Sorcar show was called Indra Jaal? I remember seeing Sorcar Junior in London many years ago. In fact I went on stage to help with his blindfold routine. He cued me quietly to write something mathematical so I wrote an algebra problem on the board which he solved instantly. The blackboard was a long hinged board, fairly low, probably the top not much above waist height. Great show, with an Indian pit orchestra.


  1. Any reading this who dosent go to Russells shop should do,especially on a Sat when the local and some not so local magicians gather,Russell and his sister June happily put up with us all,and even throw in a cup of tea sometimes,its a good laugh we have, and Russ and June both deserve a big thumbs up,as there is nowhere quite like it for getting your magic “fix”,certainly the shop has become the epicentre of the magic scene in South Yorkshire….so well done Russell,a big thanks and long may it continue…………….

  2. I second that!

    • Excellent. More information please. Author? Publisher? Availability?

  3. I know about the book.

    • That’s good… perhaps you’d like to tell us about it?

  4. Plz sir, u send me this book indra jaal, and publisher

    • Would be happy to do so if I can track it down. Can you give me any further information? Name of author? Publisher?

      Anand and Sandhya (above) both claim to know about the book but won’t answer when I contact them. Does it exist?

      I have found references to a Hindi Occult book called ‘Chamatkari Indrajaal’, which contains tantra remedies and sadhanas. See

      Wiki-Answers states: “Indar jaal, is Hindu book of magic, enlisting some ancient proven or un-proven hymns from ancient Indian and Persian scripture. Used for number of purposes like for spiritual enlightenment, magic practices, calling of dead spirits, angels, crucification. Inder jaal book has been shrouded in Myst for many years because of its originality, its very difficult to find. Its not totally black magic as some people have come call it, many of the hymns given in indar jaal are for spiritual enlightenment, the hymns written by shiva (Hindu God of destruction and power). But in order for them to succeed you need to have something very strong, belief, only chanting the hymn won’t work, as it is written so let it be.”

      So, I’m still shrouded in ‘Myst’, although it sounds as if it’s probably not the sort of book we would normally stock. No mention of card tricks whatsoever as far as I can see,

      Interesting to note that the hymns don’t work unless you believe in them strongly enough….

  5. if you are looking for indra jaal book as it is then go to indian state of Rajastan and you can get any book you WANT
    I gaurantee

    • Thanks for that. Any information about publisher? Author?

  6. You want publisher details about a mantra that’s name invokes irreversible trauma and devastation? Do yourself a favor, don’t get involved with Indra Jal. If you don’t know what you are doing it will consume you whole, you will cease to exist if you are not strong enough.

    Aum Aim Hreem Kreem Chamundaye Vich


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