The Witches’ Almanac


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This the jewel of the Outlaw Effects aged book series. More than 140 pages with over 30 illustrations. No peeks. No fishing. And the spectator need not say a word. Yet you can reveal one of over 500 ‘inner truths’. The book measures 5 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches, still small enough for adding a bit of ‘spice’ to your strolling act.

The Witches’ Almanac lets you reveal emotions the spectator is experiencing, or to duplicate an illustration in a very unique way. It is 100% examinable. You do not need to know a page number, and you do not peek the book.

You also get a set of five tarot cards and a 32-page manual. The cards and every page in the book is hand aged. The cover is aged and distressed.

There is a diabolical method built into Witches that eliminates the need to have the spectator ever say a word! That’s right… they don’t say a word, there is no fishing, and they don’t write anything down.

On every right-hand page there are eight different ‘inner truths’ (500 total in the book), on the left side are various ‘witchy/pagan’ illustrations and quotations. These inner truths are made up of elements, emotions, guidence and ‘cures’ that are specifically aimed at the reader.

They are designed to not only enable you to apparently see into their mind, but they give you information that will allow you to be ‘one ahead’ for any cold reading you might want to do based on the entry they have chosen, an entry they will instantly internalise as relevant to only them.

There are hundreds of different ‘inner truths’ in the book; these are not single lines of text,these entries are three or four lines each. Every page in the book is hand aged. The cover is aged and distressed.

Witches allows you to duplicate an illustration in a unique way. It lets you reveal a quote you couldn’t possibly know the spec is reading, it let’s you reveal emotions the spec is experiencing and how they can overcome a negative experience.

The Witch book is 100% examinable. There are no “banks”, no sevengali principle or short pages used. You do not need to know a page number, you do not peek the book, and there is NO fishing.

The book is small enough to carry with you anywhere! You’ll never leave home without it. The method is so simple it will blow your mind.

The book is a mentalism effect. It is perfect for those that want to add a little “mystique” to their set, perfect for those who perform bizarre magic. The book has also been designed to be UK friendly! £75


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