Reflections V.2



Reflections Version 2 now incorporates an additional test, combined with an additional method created by Prof. B.C.

Reflections is even more diabolical. It contains three different tests of psychological, emotional and behavioral reactions. Plus… Built into the book is a bonus effect, Kioku! No cards needed.

Reflections is a pocket-sized book with 142 pages. You may begin with a ‘planetary personality test’; our new addition has your spectator unknowingly reveal the ‘force’ while cloaked as part of the test itself.

Next, the right side of each page has ten different statements that reflect what we say to each other every day. There are hundreds of different statements in the book.

Each right hand page also has ten symbols on it, plus eighteen individual words at the bottom of the page.

You will reveal the subject of their randomly chosen entry, a separate word out of eighteen words that applies directly to the entry, and a symbol tied to the entry. You also have the option of duplicating the symbol they are thinking of as a drawing, rather than just revealing it verbally.

As I stated above, you will know the context of the statement, the exact symbol and the exact word they are thinking of, before you even begin the actual presentation. This allows you to do one revelation each to three different spectators or, all three revelations with a single spectator!

On the left side of the page is the Kioku memory transfer test, a test where you reveal the exact memory they are thinking of.

Reflections is 100% examinable. There are no “banks”, no Svengali principle or short pages used. You do not need to know a page number, and you do not peek the book! £45


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