Edwin’s Billy the Kid


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Another sure fire winner for the Children’s Entertainer from the King of Kids’ magic! Two strong magical effects woven into one fine routine with built-in EXCITEMENT, COLOUR and AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION. A picture of ‘Billy the Kid’ shows him as a young man with cowboy hat, boots and guns. The picture is striking, silk-screened in flesh, brown, yellow, red, blue, green and black, against a solid yellow background. It’s big, 12 inches x 8 1/2 inches! A boy from the audience is recruited to play the central role in the story. Two other cards produced from first-class art-work and in colour depict two fierce looking native Americans with tomahawks. These figures are bold against a blue background. All pictures are on a heavy board, plastic-laminated front and back. Each card has a two-inch diameter hole through it. Two other children assist and there can be fun galore as you dress them up to represent the different characters. The three children are invited to help as you tell how Billy was captured. The picture of Billy is placed in a plastic, clear-fronted holder, with a hole through the centre. The two Indians are placed in a similar holder, without a hole and of a different colour.

Your own ‘Saga of the West!’ A single length of white rope about 3 yards in length is used to tie Billy up, being passed around his body. The ends of the rope are passed through the holder and picture. The Indians dance around and then the magic occurs! Mysteriously, the rope passes right through his body and Billy the Kid escapes! When the picture in the holder is shown, it’s an Indian — Billy the Kid appears in the second holder that’s been in full view at one side. Lovely, clean magic — and a lot of it! The trick is a delight to work. Remove the cards from the holder and you are ready to work it right away. No setting-up with the rope either. This is top-class magic and a great effect. A winner! All the kids love Cowboys and Indians and watch the classic films constantly on television. You can incorporate fun and excitement and remember there are three distinct surprises — the penetration, transposition and the appearance of Billy at the end to get a good cheer from your youthful audience! SUPPLIED COMPLETE. You get the holders. the beautiful pictures, rope and, of course, the full action-packed routine.


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