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New titles are constantly being added to our range of second-hand books. Recently I bought another major collection of books on mentalism and related crafts, including many rare and out-of-print titles. (Those who have titles on a ‘wants list’ with us will have been emailed where appropriate.)

The problem is keeping our lists up to date. I’ve therefore decided to list a few choice titles here from time to time. Prices in brackets are new/original prices, the final price on each item is our selling price (all plus post at cost). Drop me an email if you’re interested.

ARCANE, PETER. The Elucidator. 2005, 24pp, sgd. (£28.00) £21.00.
BUCKNER, CHARLES A. Charlie’s Brain Twisters I & II. 1997, 35pp. (£25.00) £18.75.
CARLYLE, E. RAYMOND. Lecture Notes. 1998, 24pp. (£20.00) £15.00.
CARLYLE, E. RAYMOND. Medium’s Grip. Seance, 1988, 8pp. (£8.00) £6.00.
CARLYLE, E. RAYMOND. Medium’s Grip. 1999, 6pp ms. (£8.00) £6.00.
CARLYLE, E. RAYMOND. Spirit Bell. 1999, 4pp. (£8.00) £6.00.
HICKOK, CHUCK. Mentalism Incoporated. 2002, hb, dw, 190pp. (£42.00) £31.50.
HICKOK, CHUCK. Thought-Full Telepathy. 2009, 64pp, sgd. (£25.00) £18.75.
JAY, RICKY. Jay’s Journal of Anomalies. 2003, 210pp (£18.00) £13.50.
KAPLAN, GEORGE G. The Fine Art of Magic. Fleming, 1948, hb, dw, 350pp, sgd. (£50.00) £37.50.
KARGES, CRAIG. The CK Connection. Jacobs, 1986, 50pp. (£15.00) £11.25.
LESLEY, TED. Paramiracles. Hermetic, 1994, hb, dw, 312pp. (£28.00) £21.00.
MANN, AL. Acidus. sgd, ltd 200. (£30.00) £22.50.
MARK, RICHARD. No Way Q&A. 2000, 15pp. (£18.00) £13.50.
MARK, RICHARD. Phantom Hand. 1994, 22pp. (£20.00) £15.00.
MAVEN, MAX. Prism. Hermetic, 2005, hb, dw, 238pp. (£30.00) £22.50.
NEALE, ROBERT. Six Card Swindle. Busby, 1985, 23pp. (£10.00) £7.50.
NYMAN, ANDY. Fight Dirty. 2002, 28pp. (£15.00) £11.25.
RICHARDSON, BARRIE. Act Two. Hermetic, 2005, hb, dw, 381pp, sgd. (£40.00) £30.00.
RICHARDSON, BARRIE. Theatre of the Mind. Hermetic, 1999, hb, dw, 319pp. (£36.00) £27.00.
RIGGS, JOHN. Psychic Pselections. 2004, 57pp, sgd. (£28.00) £21.00.
RIGGS, JOHN. Unchained. 1998, 26pp, sgd. (£10.00) £7.50.
RIGGS, JOHN. Unchained. 1996, 27pp. (£12.00) £9.00.
ROWLAND, IAN. Alpha Series 1: Mentalism. 2003, 52pp. (£18.00) £13.50.
ROWLAND, IAN. Alpha Series 2: Cards. 2003, 28pp. (£18.00) £13.50.
ROWLAND, IAN. Lecture Notes Blackpool 2007. 40pp. (£20.00) £15.00.
SCHUBERT, ROY. Big Reads Plus. 2004, 32pp. (£20.00) £15.00.
SHAW, STEVE (Banachek). Pre Thoughts. 1992, 22pp. (£12.50) £9.38.
TAPERT, ANNETTE. Siegfried & Roy: Mastering the Impossible. Morrow, 1992, hb, dw, 336pp. (£50.00) £37.50.
TILLAR, JACK KENT. The Blister Book. 2007, 115pp. (£33.50) £25.13.

Back to another box-full. I’ll post more gems here soon. Excluding the ones which end up on my own shelves.

And, before I forget again, a (not-quite) Weekly Wheeze:

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  1. Hi Russ, Please thank those who attended my lecture last week; I appreciated their positive response and friendliness. Hope they found something useful among the items I presented? Sorry we didn’t have more time as there was lots more things I wanted to mentiobn, especially on the technical performance/theory side. Many thnks too for your kindness and usual hospitality, it was greatly appreciated. Best regards, Steve.

  2. I’m interested in one of your books, please send me an email! thanks!

  3. I’m interested in one of your books, I send you an email 🙂

      • I just found the book (for a similar price) elsewhere… Thank you anyway 🙂

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