House Parties and Featured Speakers

House Parties and Featured Speakers

Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Magic Events | 3 comments

I have received an email from the Home from Home Ladies Group, based in the Dronfield area. They are holding their annual Christmas party on Thursday 6 December. The email said that they hoped to have some form of entertainment for a short time during the evening.

Obviously, I get many such emails but I thought this one worth mentioning as it could provide invaluable experience for anyone wishing to develop work in the house party area of this business. I understand that this is a popular area in the USA but remains relatively undeveloped in the UK where we tend to concentrate on corporate, hotel and restaurant work.

Sheffield’s magical communicator Steve Faulkner speaking at a major business conference.

The lady also mentioned that at their normal meetings they usually have a speaker and would be most interested to receive details from anyone who could provide this at some later date. She would like suggestions as to the subject of such a talk. I know that several local magicians have done talks for Sheffield University, and various colleges and arts organisations, as well as being featured speakers at corporate dinners and business conferences. Seems to me that this is another area that is ripe for development.

If anyone interested in either, or both, of these opportunities could contact me I’ll see that their details are passed on.


  1. Feel free to pass me stuff on, Russell, and thanks for using my photo. It makes me feel all special.

  2. Just revised the date. Please note that this event is on Thursday 6 December 2012, not Wednesday 12 December.

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