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Thanks for the comments on my recent posts. Good to know there are people around who read this stuff. And people who think about their magic.

This Saturday we welcomed new Lounger Ed Money, close-up magician who’s currently at University in Sheffield.

There often seems to be a theme which runs through the day. This week the Lounge resounded to the sound of deflating balloons. Put me in mind of the campfire scene in Blazing SaddlesSteve Garrison started it off by putting his mobile phone inside a balloon and soon everyone was trying it — with phones, packs of cards, even a Rubik’s Cube. Been trying to track down the originator on the internet, without success. Anyone know?

Steve, incidentally, as well as being a stage performer, is also a skilled make-up artist with credits ranging from Harry Potter to Holby City (ask to see his wound photos next time you’re in the shop).

On the subject of ‘other jobs’ those who combine magic with an interest in puzzles may or may not be deeply fascinated to know that I have a sideline in writing/designing puzzles. You may have come across some in your local pub (no, I don’t do ‘cheat sheets’). Or if you happen to read The Independent on Sunday I usually have a few in their Puzzle Specials. This Sunday (19 March) check out the four Bodyparts on pages 6 and 7, plus the six on page 3 of the Kids’ Puzzle Special and the cartoon Bodyparts and Animix on page 4. Well, it keeps the walrus from the door.

That just leaves Adam’s Weekly Wheeze

“I often get a trick half right… that’s because I’m in the Magic Semi-Circle.”

Nice ad-lib for when a trick doesn’t quite go as expected; I understand Adam uses it all the time.

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  1. Great blog russle keep em coming.

    The baloon trick is the new effect on theory11 called pressure and its by Daniel Garcia.Don’t know if he came up with it but he’s releasing it.

    Thanks russle see you saturday

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