Hype-weary? Nap!

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OK, now you can relax… Here are the answers to our Christmas Mixed-Up Magicians quiz. Please note that any images conjured by or sentiments expressed within the anagrams themselves bear no relation to the magician in question. With the incipient exception of item 2.

1 JOHN, NO LESS — Les Johnson
2 BALD MALE — Adam Bell
3 KEYPAD PLANER — Ken Appleyard
4 PAINED US ALL — Paul Daniels
5 I TOOK — Okito
6 OLD KATE — De Kolta
7 BRAVE NUN — Van Buren
8 WEARS TAT — T.A.Waters
9 BRAIN BROTHER — Robert Harbin
10 MALEFIC ROGUE — Maurice Fogel
11 AIRY RESOLVES — Servais Le Roy
12 BE NOCTURNAL — Lance Burton
13 APPLIED FERVID COD — David Copperfield
14 INNER MELONS — Norm Neilsen

How many did you get?

In case you didn’t spot it, the heading to this post anagrams to Happy New Year!

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