Favourite Things

Favourite Things

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One of the Loungers dropped off a copy of the 3 March issue of The Sheffield Telegraph. This features, in the Lifestyle Guide, a piece on Steve Faulkner’s ‘Favourite Things’, one of which is your very own Magick Lounge. I quote:

Magicians love magic shops and talking to other magicians. Magick Enterprises, just off Park Square roundabout, is the perfect magic shop and on Saturdays becomes a bit of a social event for the local magicians. They will make anybody feel welcome.

The owner, Russell Hall, is the perfect person to run such a place. Unpretentious, down-to-earth and quietly passionate about his art. If anybody wants to know anything about magic, there is a huge collection of second-hand magic books and DVDs and the guys on Saturday are always happy to speak to any learning enthusiast.

I don’t get down often enough because of family and work commitments but whenever I get a chance I’m there. Magicians can’t really speak with non-magicians about the details of what we do because of the secrecy issue, so it’s important to have somewhere like this to touch base with others who understand the obsession we have with our craft.

Thanks Steve.

I see that whiskers on kittens didn’t even get a mention.

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