Brandy Snaps?

Brandy Snaps?

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Andy the Clown (in civilian dress) and Sam

A definite touch of deja vu in the Lounge yesterday. Came down from my office and found a small white poodle rushing happily around the feet of the assembled Loungers. For an instant I was transported back almost twenty years… Who else remembers Brandy the shop dog?

It wasn’t Brandy, of course; he must be long gone. But just for that moment I thought it was. In fact it was Sam (another coincidence?), Andy the Clown’s poodle. Here they are on the right..

And below is Brandy himself, guarding the stairs leading to what was the costume department and is now my flat.



  1. It was true Memory Lane on Saturday in the Magic Lounge, the good times came flooding back. You are right Russell, must be 19 or 20 years. Thanks for the photo…
    Cheers, Carl Peters.

  2. At one stage I thought he was going to do a few card tricks.

  3. I remember Brandy,seems a lifetime ago though…..certainly gave me paws for thought

  4. I remember Brandy too – wow, guess that was a while ago! I’ll bring in my Albino Rat Snake next week to start another round of shop pet memories – we can play hide and seek again!

    • Look forward to it. Remember the pythons and boas? I had a couple of rat snakes too. One escaped, and from the evidence of sloughed skins, was around for a while keeping down the population of rats and mice. Much more efficient than a cat as she conveniently disposed of the results of her hunting.

  5. Brandy had a lovely doggy smelly kissy breath 🙂

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