The Mind Magic Seminar

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Jonathan Royle, unconventional hypnotist and mind magician, has been a controversial personality throughout most of his unusual and varied career. But he knows his stuff. Last weekend I was one of a small group of people from a range of disciplines who attended his Mind Magic two-day seminar in Manchester.The group included magicians, hypnotists, therapists, and NLP practitioners, which made for interesting discussions in the bar…

Contributing to the seminar was Robert Temple who demonstrated and explained his incredible See-Saw Induction technique. If you do any form of hypnosis — stage, street (?) or clinical — I strongly recommend you check out the Royle/Temple 3-DVD set which contains over 5 hours of training plus workbooks on stage hypnosis. (As it happens, we have some in stock right now! Mention this blog for a special offer!)

The seminar covered magical (‘mind reading’) techniques and routines as well as hypnotic techniques. The intention was to provide those attending with the building blocks to apply the techniques and develop routines and applications to suit their own specific requirements.

I’ve certainly attended nothing quite like it. (And I mean that in a good way!) The good news for our readers is that the event was filmed and we shall have available later this year a DVD set — DVD video plus appropriate supplementary material — which I’m confident will be invaluable to anyone who wishes to work in the fascinating field of mind magic.

We’ll keep you posted.

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