David Forrest at The Magick Lounge

David Forrest at The Magick Lounge

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Dave ForrestDave Forrest (creator of Colour Burn, Trickery, Fandango and many other products and DVDs) will be lecturing at the Lounge on Monday 28 October. David is a close-up magician, owner of Full 52 Productions and partner with Owen Packard in Big Blind Media.

He came to magic rather late, at around 18 years of age, after buying Bob Longe’s book Great Card Tricks. His professional career began with the usual pub gigs fitted in around his day job as a graphic designer. Work began to grow so after being made redundant, David decided to become a full-time professional magician.

His creative interest led to him developing and selling the rights to some packet tricks before independently releasing his Card Through Window effect – CTW. This was very well received and its success led to the birth of David’s magic publication business Full 52. Since then he has continued to perform, lecture and develop a wide range of ingenious and acclaimed effects and publications.

This will be a lecture not to be missed by anyone interested in close-up magic. Doors open at 7:03 p.m. and the fun starts at 7:30. And will doubtless continue until Pete’s mobile rings or Adam essays a humorous comment… but will certainly resume immediately afterwards.

The venue is, of course, The Magick Lounge, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield, S2 5TG. Cost is free to members in good standing of the Sheffield Circle of Magicians, £10 for visitors. Chairs provided at attendees’ risk.

Note this is on Monday 28 October (not the usual Thursday!), and replaces the original advertised lecture.

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  1. EXCELLENT! I’m there and if there’s a beer and curry afterwards I’m up for that 🙂 See ya there.

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