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FISM post-mortems, and the odd row or two, continue to fill the magic blogs. I found this little reminder of what conventions are about via the Ellis & Webster blog. Enjoy…

The words were written and the song performed by Topas, with images added by Tim Ellis. Music was composed by Andreas Kraus of the German comedy team ‘Eure Mutter’ and it was produced by Derek von Krogh, who plays keyboards on tour for the German singer Nena (’99 red balloons’).

Written & performed by Topas

All of us began with hardships,
Some had girlfriends, we had card tricks.
We thought pom-poms were just great,
While our friends were getting laid…

One thing is indeed quite tragic
Many people do hate magic
But in here we feel all right
Watching coin routines all night.
Here we love magic’s tradition,
And we hate the masked magician.
From day one my faith was strong,
It is here where I belong.

(Chorus 1)
FISM is the place to be,
Geeks and pros are running free.
It is where magicians mingle,
And the linking rings will jingle.

There are many acts to see,
Cards are palmed extensively.
It’s where fooling feels so nice,
Cheating is like paradise.
So for strange men such as we
FISM is the place to be.

FISM is the world convention,
Look at magic’s true dimension.
Spanish come, and Portuguese,
This time even more Chinese.

The most famous magic guys
Never won a FISM prize.
Outside this convention hall,
Few of us are known at all.
But we’re known internally,
So for guys like you and me

(Chorus 2)
FISM is the place to be,
Geeks and Pros are running free.
All the dealers sell the same
Never mind from where they came.

Only here on every card your contact number,
Only here a magic sticker on your bumper,
Only here no one uses cards to play,
And no one thinks that scarves are gay.

Only here Himber wallets don’t need leather,
Only here snowstorms don’t rely on weather,
Only here a zombie is a trick,
Not on death, but on a stick,
On a stick…

(Chorus 3)
FISM is the place to be,
Geeks and pros are running free.
When we need we’re dressing formal,
Only here we’re feeling normal.
So much cre-a-tivity
Came from this fraternity.
FISM’s best for acts to start
And to celebrate the art
So I’m sure we all agree…

FISM is the place… to be
To be!
To be!
To be!

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