Designer Cards by Giovanni Meroni

Designer Cards by Giovanni Meroni

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Dedalo is strongly inspired by Greek mythology and labyrinths. There are three decks in the series:


     Dedalo Alpha, aqua foil on blue Stardust Paper
     Dedalo Apeiron (Limited Edition), blue and gold foil on black Stardust Paper
     Dedalo Omega, gold foil on red Stardust Paper

All version have fully illustrated courts, Aces and Jokers, custom pips, different faces and backs, and are supplied in foiled tuck boxes. Every deck includes an extra court card that represent a God of Olympus.

Dedalo tells the story of many characters of the Ancient Greece. The Minotaur Asterion, the dark hero Theseus, the beautiful Ariadne and, of course, Dedalo, the genius who built the Labyrinth, the main location of the story. In Italian, Dedalo is a synonym of “Labyrinth”. The deck is high-detailed, full of hidden meanings and with accurate references to Mythology.

Dedalo Alpha and Dedalo Omega tells the past and the future of the same story. Dedalo Alpha show the part when the Minotaur and Theseus haven’t fought yet, Ariadne is going to help Theseus with her red thread, and Icarus and King Aegeus are alive. In Dedalo Omega, Theseus has defeated the Minotaur and abandoned Ariadne. King Minos is angry with Dedalo and has imprisoned him and his family in the labyrinth. Dedalo manages to fly away on wings made from wax, but his son, Icarus, flies too high and his wings are melted by the Sun, Helios. Aegeus thinks Theseus was killed by the Minotaur, so he’s committing suicide.

The Gods are different in each Dedalo Deck. In Dedalo Alpha you have Hermes (Jack of Spades), Aphrodite (Queen of Spades) and Poseidon (King of Spades), plus an extra Jack of Spades (Apollo). In Dedalo Omega you find Dionysus (Jack of Spades), Athena (Queen of Spades) and Helios (King of Spades), plus an extra Queen of Spades (Artemis). In Dedalo Apeiron you have Ares (Jack of Spades), Hera (Queen of Spades) and Zeus (King of Spades), plus an extra King of Spades (Hades).

I’ll look at the stories behind some of the other Giovanni Meroni decks in future blog posts.

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More DVDs In Stock

More DVDs In Stock

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New additions to our range of recycled magic DVDs. All are in good condition and come complete with props and/or gimmicks where appropriate.  New price in brackets, our price afterwards (normally 25% off, unless I got an especially good deal from the seller). All prices plus postage at cost.

ALEXANDER, SCOTT. The Final Answer. Kohler, 2 DVDs & gimmick. (£40.00) £30.00.
BANNON, JOHN, & MONTIER, LIAM. Fractalicious. BBM, with props. (£20.00) £15.00.
BANNON, JOHN. Smoke & Mirrors. MyMagic. 90 minutes. (£25.00) £18.75.
EGGINK, PETER. eLit. With gimmick. (£30.00) £22.50.
FENIK. Genesis Vol. 1. DV Magic (£20.00) £15.00.
FORREST, DAVID. DeLorian. Full52, with props. (£13.50) £10.13.
FORREST, DAVID. Radio Rental. Full52. (£25.00) £18.75.
JAY, DAVID. The Ringmaster. WizardFX (£40.00) £26.25.
JONES, GARY, & CONGREAVE, CHRIS. Automata. Full52. (£22.00) £16.50.
MACIA, OLIVIER. Control Freak. Camirand.,81 mins. (£12.99) £9.74.
MO & RYU-KA. Emperor. (£28.00) £21.00.
NORMANSELL, ANDREW. Xpresso. MagicWorld, with props. (£15.00) £11.25.
PIACENTE, SAL. Expert Card Magic. MagicMakers (£25.00) £18.75.
PIPER, JAMES. Piper Active. RSVP (£15.00) £11.25.
ROBSON, HARRY, & WRIGHT, MATTHEW. The Reputation Maker. (£25.00) £18.75.
ROSS, ERIC. Election. Paper Crane. (£15.00) £11.25.
SANDERS, RICHARD, & ABBOTT, BILL. Power Ball 60. With props. (£20.00) £15.00.
SANDERS, RICHARD. Extreme Burn. With gimmick. (£25.00) £18.75.
SMITH, LEE, & JONES, GARY. iCandy. RSVP (£20.00) £15.00.
SOLOMON, DAVID. Secret Subtleties. BBM (£30.00) £22.50.
SOMA. The Social Deck. With deck. (£34.00) £25.50.
SOUTHWORTH, MARK. Cash Vault. Illusioncraft, with props. (£12.50) £9.38.
SOUTHWORTH, MARK. The Changer. Illusioncraft, with props. (£25.00) £18.75.
WALLACE, CASSHAN. Camera Tricks. Murphy, with gimmicks. (£25.00) £18.75.

Stocks are limited, of course, so ring or email before ordering. Thanks.

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Magic Books You Might Have Missed

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At one time I kept a regular list of second-hand books, updated constantly as books were sold and new ones came in. This was fine when had we just a few hundred books, but after buying a couple of magic libraries stock increased enormously and books were going on and off the shelves rather quickly, so the list got more and more out of date.

We’re now working at getting a complete up-to-date list. This is taking some time. So in the meantime I thought I’d list books here as they came in. Here’s a few to start.

As with our former loved, lost and lamented list, the format followed is: AUTHOR, Title (in italics), Publisher, Date (where available), Number of Pages, and Price. The price in brackets is the original or current price, followed by our selling price. Abbreviations: hb = hardback; 1st means first edition (where there have been more than one); ltd means limited edition, if followed by a number then that’s how many in that edition; and sgd mean that the book has been signed by the author.

MENDOZA, JOHN. Mendoza Series of Personal Instruction. Morrissey, 16pp. (£10.00) £7.50
GARDNER, MARTIN. Mathematics Magic & Mystery. Dover, 1956, 188pp. (£10.00) £7.50
OXFAM. Crack-a-Joke Book. Puffin, 1992, 170pp. (£4.00) £3.00
BARON, HARRY. Close-Up Magic. Sphere, 1977, 160pp. (£6.00) £4.50
LEWIS, ERIC C., & TYLER, WILFRED. Open Sesame. Goodliffe, 1947, hb, 1st, 154pp. (£20.00) £15.00
DOBSON, WAYNE. Outlines. Magick, 1991, 28pp. (£6.00) £4.50
KAYE, DAVID. Power Marketing for Magicians. 2004, 48pp. (£8.00) £6.00
SANKEY, JAY. Cartoons by Sankey. 2001, 60pp. (£9.00) £6.75
ANDERSON, ERIC. Lecture Notes. 19pp, sgd. (£6.00) £4.50
PIERCE, JEFF. The King Has Left The Building… With Amnesia. 2004, 90pp, 1st, ltd 100. (£16.00) £12.00
KING, MAC, & LEVY, MARK. Tricks With Your Head. Three Rivers. 2002, 201pp. (£11.00) £8.25
THURSTON, HOWARD. 400 Fascinating Magic Tricks You Can Do. Wilshire, 1975, 253pp. (£8.00) £6.00
PENN & TELLER. How to Play in Traffic. Boulevard, 1997, 227pp w/ gizmo. (£18.00) £13.50
ARMSTRONG, JON. You Don’t Know Union Jack. 2007, 23pp. (£6.00) £4.50
McCLINTOCK, REED. Knuckle Busters Vol. 4. 2003, 18pp. (£5.00) £3.75
MIESEL, BILL (ed). Fork Full of Appetizers. O’Brien, 1982, 72pp. (£15.00) £11.25
GLADWIN, ANDI. Magic from the Session 1. 2006, 30pp. (£15.00) £11.25
GLADWIN, ANDI. Magic from the Session 2. 2007, 34pp. (£15.00) £11.25
GLADWIN, ANDI. Magic from the Session 1. 2006, 30pp, sgd by all (£20.00) £15.00
GLADWIN, ANDI. Magic from the Session 1 & 2. 2006-7, 64pp. (£26.67) £20.00
JONES, TOM, & WILD, RACHEL. Kiddies to Korporate. Wild, 2000, 25pp. (£8.00) £6.00
TARBELL, HARLAN. The Tarbell Companion. Burton, 1994, 150pp. (£20.00) £15.00
CARDURA, GARY. Deep Impact. 15pp. (£6.00) £4.50
KIMLAT, KOSTYA. A Lecture Collection. 2004, 49pp, 1st. (£15.00) £11.25
PENN, DAVID. The Lecture. 1995, 22pp. (£6.00) £4.50
POWERS, MICHAEL. Top Secret Close-Up Deceptions. 1992, 22pp. (£10.00) £7.50

Email or ring if anything’s of interest. There are a few rare, out-of-print books here. All prices plus postage at cost.

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Designer Decks

Designer Decks

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Especially for those card magicians who feel unable to rely entirely on their own charm, wit, charisma and rugged good looks, we’ve just added a wide range of designer playing cards to our stock, including numbered limited editions and first runs. Call in and have a look. And perhaps imagine running your eager, sensitive fingers across the pertly perfect pasteboards and listening to the crisp riffle of a finely executed faro.

We can almost guarantee they’ll add even more to the lustre of your performance than Adam’s latest patter lines. Give your lifts a lift and add polish to your passes today, or at your earliest convenience.

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It Really Does Sound Amazing!

It Really Does Sound Amazing!

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SoundzAmazing BannerMany of you bought Shahid Malik’s Instant Radio and the Electro-Magic Squeeker. Now his company has brought out a compact new piece of equipment which will enable you to do all that these devices do, and much, much more…

If you could produce ANY sound, anytime – that would be good. If you could instantly change it for a different sound – that would be amazing!

If you could do all that and MORE without any visible means and in your bare hands – now that would be Magic!

SoundzAmazing? That’s probably because it is!

Now you’re not limited by just one sound. Or even by 100 sounds… SoundzAmazing is totally unlimited. It gives you total control. Sounds and tunes from the wide range available are selectable and interchangeable. You can even add your own! It allows you to repeat instantly with different sounds. It’s always ready – easy to set up… and the sound really does seem to come from your hands, or anything you touch.

And there’s more. The popular ‘Instant Radio’ is built in – so you can effortlessly switch to this and produce real FM Radio sounds from anywhere and anything — in an instant!

And here’s the best bit… you can go back to any of your collection of MP3 sounds any time you wish, instantly!

This little electronic gizmo is capable of so much. From gags to FM Radio from anything… from any tune chosen to serious hard-hitting mindreading and mentalism. All these effects and hundreds more are all possible with SoundzAmazing.

Check out the demonstration video:


The possibilities with SoundzAmazing are endless – and to get you started Shahid has created three killer effects – any of which will provide the ‘wow factor’ to your act. You’ll have to close your routine with these. We know you will!

AUDIOMAGIC: Take a CD… pick a track — now you play that track by gliding your finger around the CD! Repeat instantly with another track!

WHISPERING DECK: A spectator selects a card — tells no-one. You now hold the deck to another person’s ear and the Deck will secretly whisper the chosen card. This person now reveals out loud the chosen card to the spectator. You need never utter a single word.

RADIO DJ PREDICTION: Imagine having a spectator choose a music track, and then moments later you turn on your Radio only to hear the DJ announcing and playing a special request… Yes! The chosen song!

You’d love to have any one of these effects… Right? Well, now you can perform any of these and so much more… with SoundzAmazing! With this new custom-made state-of-the-art electronic gizmo you can literally produce ANY sound you choose.

TOTALLY CUSTOMISED AND CUSTOMISABLE BY YOU: This is a fully customisable utility prop with powerful sound output. Out of sight, yet instantly available. Purpose made to the highest specification SoundzAmazing utilises the latest technology, plug-&-play, MP3 download & playback – so you can now  access a whole world of sounds, effects and tunes of YOUR CHOICE! Downloadable and totally interchangeable via USB connection from your PC or Mac — simple! It comes pre-loaded with five sounds to get you started immediately. Choose and download your own sounds and tracks – just as you would any MP3 file. Even make and customise your own sounds – and personalise your effects and performances! And the Sound library gives you a huge choice – for FREE!

Sounds are instantly changeable and repeatable anytime! No restrictions. Develop and grow using the power of your imagination and SoundzAmazing. Equip yourself with any sounds to create an effect or enhance your close-up/ stand-up magic routines — with its strong and powerful volume you’ll be heard even in noisy surroundings and situations.

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND — BUILT-IN INSTANT RADIO! Yes… the extremely popular ‘Instant Radio’ is built in, with some big improvements: Brand new, hi-spec radio chip to give you crystal clear, LOUD volume. Channel selectable and pre-set memory feature to save your selected channels. And don’t forget, you can go back to any of your collection of MP3 sounds any time you wish.

NO WORRIES ABOUT RADIO RECEPTION! There’s also an option/facility to enable you to reliably have ‘Instant Radio’ even if you’re performing in a lead-lined concrete bunker 100 feet below the ground! So you won’t be without Instant Radio.

RELIABLE & TROUBLE FREE ACTIVATION: The unique activation (updated design) system is effortless & totally hands free — strong, secure & re-designed to be comfortably worn, even all day if necessary. Pops into your jacket/shirt instantly to give your SoundzAmazing module quick & reliable activation. (options for Shirts & T-Shirts). No unnatural movements — and activates instantly anytime you wish – allowing you to produce any sounds or Radio from anything you touch, press or squeeze. All easily & instantly removable, to give you, the working performer, comfort and ease of use. For those who prefer, there is an optional extra ‘Toe Switch’. Utilises Plug & Play connectivity: mini-jack plug just allows you to plug-in and go!

Totally adaptable & versatile, SoundzAmazing will fit all manner of set-up requirements with or without jacket. Designed and engineered specifically for magicians, to provide reliability and lasting performance.

CHOOSE, CHANGE & ADAPT… EVEN REPEAT WITH DIFFERENT SOUNDS! Allows you to download up to five individual tracks, sounds, tunes etc. providing you with an army of sounds and effects for you to use at a moment’s notice – even in impromptu situations. And remember, you can change the sound instantly at any time – you have five sounds at your fingertips at any one time with the ingenious versatility and adaptability of SoundzAmazing. To add to that… you can switch to Instant Radio in the blink of an eye – to have even more fun!

HUNDREDS OF USES WITH DIFFERENT TYPES OF MAGIC: The possibilities are limitless now for cutting-edge Close-Up Magic, Mentalism and Prediction effects, Haunted and Séance routines, Children’s Magic, and more – a huge potential.

Close-up Magic: Customisable to fit all your effects and routines. Add that wow factor to your act. Something totally different which will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Mentalism and Predictions: Now you can have any prediction ‘played’ in a spooky manner. In fact with the versatility of SoundzAmazing you can even have five potential predictions pre-loaded (or five outs!)

Séance/Haunted Work: Ghostly, spooky sounds to enhance your routines and create the perfect atmosphere.

Children’s Magic: Where do we begin? Great fun creating silly & crazy sounds to really wind-up your audiences. Imagine balloon modelling… make a dog, and it really barks! Don’t forget to make a giraffe next and that barks too! Squeeze your nose or twist your ear to produce a car honk (or any other sound you choose).

Simple, easy and versatile – just stand back and watch the reactions. Adapt and customise the effects for any audience, event, routine or situation. Push your performance to the next level with the sound of magic.

Now that SoundzAmazing!

Comes pre-loaded with 5 sounds — to get you started immediately. Simple ‘one-touch’ silent activation and change-over system. So easy. Large sound file storage capacity — more than you’ll ever need. Mini-jack, plug-&-play technology — practical and totally adaptable. High impact speaker — fully adjustable volume. Totally re-designed activation system — fully adjustable, durable and wearable all day. Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included). Available now at £69.90 plus postage.

Exclusive to Magick! The Sounds of Magick SoundzAmazing extras pack: 330 + files categorised: Ambient & Background; Animals; Audience Reactions; Boinks Bangs Twangs, etc; Coins & Small Objects, Fanfares, etc; Humans Miscellaneous; Liquids; Miscellaneous Effects; Séance & Haunted Sounds; Vanishes & Appearances. Everything from a ‘vanish shimmer’ to a Gregorian chant. And all this is royalty free for your own use. PLUS We tell you where to obtain an excellent free sound editing program, as well as providing video instructions on how to use it. This information is vital anyone who wishes to build their own routines using the music and effects provided on this CD or the SoundzAmazing website. The CD is free to anyone buying the SoundzAmazing pack from Magick. Available separately for £10.

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